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The Door pt3~ Imps

        Kid jumps slightly as something lands on his stomach. Killer and Heat look over from the fire as he blinks at the black cat. "Nope." He breathes picking her up and carrying her to your house. He knocks on your door glancing up at the black sky. It was late enough without having to bring back his neighbors cat. The door opens and you stand in front of him in nothing but a towel, skin steaming and slick with water. Kid pauses and you glower at Bandi. 
        "Inside now. Stop bothering our neighbor." You tell the cat. She swiftly hops from his arms and dashes inside. "I'm sorry Mr. Kid, she's taken a troublesome shine to you." You add to him. 
         "I... It's okay..." He says awkwardly. You nod and turn to head back in. "Is your leg-" He breaks off looking over the spot where you had been hurt only finding a pale scar. You peer back as confusion comes to his face.
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 90 10
The Door pt2 ~ Eustass Kid x Reader

     You gap at your neighbors house which now seemed like party central. "That's not good..." Bandi comments. The goblin climbs onto the dashboard.
     "Wow, looks like fun! Your place miss witch?" He rumbles.
     "No... That's the property where I had to put the door..." You tap your forehead on the steering wheel. 
     "We can keep them at our place for tonight--" 
     "Oh no. We barely have enough food for us let alone a goblin family... I'm sneaking them in." You decide looking at the house. 
     "Oh wow. This'll be interesting." Bandi muses. 
     "You're helping my dear familiar." You rumble.
     Kid was chuckling at his friend's antics as he drinks another. "So, tell us about your new neighbor?" Heat asks. 
     "She's cute for an exterminator." Kid shrugs. 
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 67 8
Inferno pt19~ Remember Me

      “You’re wrong. He obviously meant to do that.” You argue, pointing at the t.v. 
      “___, if he hadn’t done that, his plan would have worked! Why would he sabotage himself?” Killer points out. 
        “Because he was hesitating from the beginning!  He wanted them to live even if it ruined him!” You retort. 
         “… Are you two arguing about a children’s movie villain…?” Kid’s voice makes you both look at him. He had an eyebrow raised at the t.v. 
          “You came back.” You breathe in slight surprise. 
          “Of course I did.“ Kid gives you a slight frown. 
          “I’ll go now. See ya.” Killer says, suddenly disappearing.
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Inferno pt18~ Leanna

        “What’s going on?” You yawn, finding Law and Kid in the kitchen looking serious.
        “Nothing.” Kid hums.
        “Don’t worry about it.” Law agrees. You hum, going to the fridge and opening the freezer, taking some ice cubes before putting them in the back of their shirts.
         “Gah!” They both gasp straightening up. You fold your arms, giving them a look.
          “Demons might be coming here to help unleash an even bigger demon and possibly bring an apocalypse.” Kid says right away. Law gives him a frown for caving so fast. “I…. How did…” Kid looks at you puzzled.
          “The trick is not to look her in the eye when she does that.” Law tells him. You look at him and he looks to the side.
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 44 9
Inferno pt17 ~ Something is Coming

         He hated him. Kid watches you converse with Law from across the courtyard. No, he envied Law. Kid rubs at his face with a slight growl to keep his demonic nature down. It was getting harder to control himself. He wanted you, but, he knew he didn’t deserve you.
         “Hey Kid, are you okay?” Your voice makes him pause and look up.
         “Hey, yeah I’m good, ready to go?” He rumbles getting up.
         “Mhm… You know, you should come tonight too.” You smile. Kid blinks down at you before looking to the side.
          “Nah,” He shakes his head. He didn’t want to see you two together.
          “Right… That was a dumb thing to say…” You mutter. There was that conflicted look on your face again. I
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 41 8
Inferno pt16 ~ Faltering

       “Homecoming?” You echo blushing heavily. Law smiles and nods.
        “Yeah, you and me.” He breathes taking your hand.
        “O-Okay…. I’d like that….” You murmur shyly.
        “Lame.” Kid says loudly from the couch throwing popcorn at you both. Law gives the demon a glare while you blink at the popcorn.
          “That’s a waste of popcorn Kid.” You scold.
          “What popcorn?” He says innocently making them vanish.
          “That’s abuse of great power…” Law sighs.
        “Says the guy with no power.” Kid taunts. Law sighs in annoyance.
        “We’ll talk more later… See you.” Law kiss
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The Door ~ Eustass Kid x Reader pt1

Thank you :iconcowgirlsofcanada: for your occupation idea! Don't worry everyone I'll use some of the others too sometime, thanks for the help!
     You rub your neck as the movers finish moving in your belongings into your new home. Your black cat Bandi looks up at you with her blue eyes. "I'll have more work here, don't give me that look." You sigh snapping your fingers. The boss mover raises an eyebrow at your gesture. "Thank you for your help, that'll be all." You add paying him before heading inside with Bandi. She swiftly takes a seat on the windowsill as you inspect the house. It was smaller than your last, didn't have a basement. You peer in the backyard and gap. 
       "Shit... Bandi..." You call. The black cat watches the movers leave before padding back to you, and jumping on the window seal facing the backyard. 
       "Oh look, you got an in ground pool." She hums. 
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 98 20
Inferno pt15~ Rivals

*Amazing image by the sweet and awesome :iconterayukiabaya: ! Thank you for your wonderful art! ^^*
        “Wake up ___, your gonna be late for school.” He cups your cheek, red eyes watching your lips briefly as you wake.
          “No… I don’t wanna…” You grumble. He smiles, silently thanking you for giving him and excuse to kiss you. You freeze and wake at that.
          “Hm? But youre awake now, so you must want to.” He chuckles smiling.
          “You sneaky demon! You just wanted an excuse to do that!” You cover your blushing face
          “I have no idea what youre talking about… Now get up before I’m tempted to do more.” He purrs leaning down close but you push his face away with a giggle.
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 59 11
Inferno pt14~ Can You See Me?

*Image By :iconqueen-d-red: Thank you for your adorable contribution to demon Kid!!*
     Zoro and Kid smoothed things over easily, and your lesson started without a problem. However it became apparent that you weren’t really yourself when you had a sword. Zoro had been surprised by your precise and strong movements.
       Kid straightens up as he watches you making Zoro back up with each hit. You were like a different person. Especially since just before Zoro had handed you the bamboo sword you looked really nervous to go up against him.
         His phone vibrates again and he frowns. He’d call Killer back later and tell him it was pointless now, he wouldn’t leave you alone anymore. The moment he had answered the phone when you were being attacked he had mentally kicked his self. He had wanted to kill those bastards, but stopped himself when he looked back at you. He di
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 56 12
Inferno pt13 ~ Losing My Mind

*Image by :iconchibiammy26: Thank you for your amazing contribution to demon Kid!*
        You couldn’t sleep, you wanted to ask if what you had seen earlier was real but you didn’t want to bring it up. You turn to him peeking at him to find him watching you. He blinks, raising an eyebrow at you. “Seriously, what’s wrong?” He frowns at you.
        “I don’t know…. I just feel…. Sad…” You murmur looking away. He frowns and moves to get closer to you but his phone rings. His eyes don’t leave you as he answers his cell.
        “Yeah?..... I’m with her….. Shut it, she’s not feeling well….” He rolls his eyes and hangs up, making his cellphone disappear.
       “Are you going to leave?” You ask carefully.
       “Do you want me to-
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 56 15
Inferno pt12~ Her

*Amazing image by :iconlunatickle98: Thank you for your amazing contribution to demon Kid!!**
        You peer at Kid during the movie, finding him zoned out with a serious look on his face. “Uh… Kid?” You reach over, touching his arm. Everything suddenly changed, and around you an ancient village was on fire. Your eyes are automatically drawn to Kid who loomed over a woman with red glowing eyes. You couldn’t see the woman’s face but you sensed she was terrified.
         “Heh, he left without even looking back, how cruel…” Kid chuckles but he didn’t seem amused as he crouched down in front of her.
         “P-Please have mercy! I’ll do anything!” She gasps. He blinks and scoffs straightening up.
         “Get lost.” He growls before wandering walking out of the village. You
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 55 15
Demon! Eustass Kid for Trisha by lunatickle98 Demon! Eustass Kid for Trisha :iconlunatickle98:lunatickle98 15 2 Bucky Barnes x reader: Shampoos and Photos by lunatickle98 Bucky Barnes x reader: Shampoos and Photos :iconlunatickle98:lunatickle98 22 4
Inferno pt11~ Weird....

*Fantastic Image by the lovely and sweet :iconsushifreak101: Thank you for your amazing contribution!*
      You held the ice pack to your cheek, dreading Zoro’s punch even after everything was over. Of course the greenette was still apologizing through texts. You felt bad for interfering like that and making him look like an ass, but you were also glad you did. Who knows what Kid would’ve done if the hit had connected to his jaw. You shiver at the thought, pushing through the front door. You go in freezing when you find Kid waiting with folded arms.
        “K-Kid…” You stammer as he approaches you, closing the door behind you and practically looming over you. Hesitantly you meet his amber gaze. He seems to search your eyes for something before leaning down and kissing you. You gasp in surprise and try to pull back only to be stopped by the door behind you. Kid takes the opening to ru
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 56 9
Inferno pt10~ What's Happening To Me?

*My best friend drew this for my showcase! I love it! I would tag her but she won't tell me her da name, says it's like a game of hide and seek T.T Anyway! I hope you all enjoy! **
       Why couldn’t you sleep? This was the first time you’ve had your bed to yourself in a while and yet... You sigh turning over again to look at the clock. An hour until you had to get up for school. It would be pointless to fall asleep now. You get up and get ready before turning off your alarm clock and heading to the kitchen. You open the fridge finding all the snacks gone except for a few of your favorites.
        It was like Kid was never there, but you knew his presence was missing. You grab one of the snacks and start your phone to check if you had any messages. Only the one from Law telling you to have a good night. You sigh again and message him, asking him how training was. A few moments later he calls.
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 53 14
Inferno pt9- Shift

***Thank you :iconkatmm1: for you're amazing contribution to my demon Kid collection! I'll have two more pictures to show after this one before reshowing the ones I already have. If you have your own or would like to make a demon Kid fanart let me know or just link it to me! I love you guys have a nice day!***
         So dine and ditch was a success, you left a tip but that was it. Nothing exciting followed, which obviously bummed your demonic companion. So you decided to go to a movie theater with him in order to cheer him up. Which worked perfectly.
         He was still snickering as you left the movie. Apparently demons enjoy comedy. You glance at  him. Finding his eyes shut and a amused smile on his lips shoulders still shaking from laughter. “I take it you liked it?”
         “Humans are so funny. A bit dumb but funny.” He chuckles. You smil
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 51 19


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